Real Estate

Legal Services for Residential
and Commercial Real Estate

At Burchett Law*, I provide my clients with an appropriate understanding of the complexities of real estate law to help every transaction happen as smoothly as possible.


Residential Real Estate Law

Whether buying or selling your home, I can handle all of the details from the most routine overview to the minute details you may not have thought about.


Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Law

My firm’s commercial and industrial real estate capacity includes commercial retail stores, office and industrial buildings, and smaller scale apartment buildings. These sales involve a higher level of legal sophistication, and I have the experience to manage these business transactions.


Whether you are purchasing, selling, or refinancing your property for business or residential, I am here to help with all of your legal needs. As real estate transactions use electronic registration, I can work on your behalf anywhere in Ontario.


Contact my firm today to learn more about how my legal services for real estate can help you.